circuit breaker for Tomos

I'm in the middle of trying to get a 1996 Tomos Targa ST (or whatever) on the road for my daughter. It needs a lot more than what the seller told me...

My experience with mopeds is limited but I've worked on all my motorcycles (both metric and Harley). What I'm wondering is if anyone has put an automotive resetting circuit breaker in line with their headlight? I'm looking for a way to save the headlight from burning out and thought maybe someone here has done it and has an idea on what size the breaker should be.

Re: circuit breaker for Tomos

Darrell Gabbard /

just install a 12v lamp in there instead of the 6 volt and see what happens

Re: circuit breaker for Tomos

The factory headlight is 12v, so it would make no difference assuming the correct bulb is in place. The moped does have a voltage regulator. Its possible that the bulbs end up blowing due to the vibration breaking the filaments, rather than too much voltage.

Re: circuit breaker for Tomos

I lose my headlight bulb occasionally, too. The problem on my Streetmate is that the headlight is running directly off the power circuit on the bike, not through the battery. It's not being overpowered that kills the bulb, its the "dimming" when the voltage drops at idle. The varying current eventually kills the bulb as it heats up then cools a little over and over. At high rpm, my voltage never goes over 13V, which doesn't hurt the bulb.

The best solution would be to have a larger battery, and run the headlight off that, instead of straight off the 12V (AC) circuit of the regulator. The small, stock battery would drain really quick if the lights were on when the engine isn't running. I'm thinking about modifying my battery compartment and using a regular motorcycle or ATV battery. They're double the size of the 4ah battery that's stock, but with three times the amps.

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