Baretta magnum no spark

Hey guys, I have a baretta magnum in pieces right now. I used to ride it over 10 years ago and it was put in storage in pieces. Now im trying to bring it back to life. Right now I just have the frame/motor/killswitch hooked up. The motor has compression. I hooked the killswitch power/ground up. I routed the killswitch power to the coil power and to the red(im guessing power) from the magneto. I then ran the black wire from the magneto to the frame for ground. I was expecting an arc from the spark plug when i turned it over, but got nothing. I just got spark from what i thought was ground to the frame. All in all.. I need a wiring diagram for this damn moped or some help. sorry for being such a noob. Im thinking maybe my coil is bad or maybe im just connecting the wrong wires.(just going by color). My motor is motori minarelli by the way. I hear they're common. Any help is appreciated. thank you


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