QT50 spins in START but won't turn over...

First off, a fair warning: I am brand new to moped ownership and just as inexperienced in the mechanics of motorized vehicles, but I'm willing to put in the effort to learn. I have read through the owner's manual a number of times, and while I don't always know exactly what is meant with some of the less-major parts, I tend to understand what part each step plays in starting the bike. In being inexperienced, I might also misuse or not know certain everyday terms (so if my title doesn't make sense, that's why). Thank you for still reading!

I bought a QT50 about a year ago and had spent a few months trying to find a place in my hometown (Lawrence, KS) to figure out what it needed to get running. I just received the bike back from the shop the other day, and they told me they just had to overhaul the carb but it should run fine. It took a couple kicks but the bike seemed to start just fine at the shop.

Upon trying to take it for a test run, I've been unable to get the engine running on its own. I can kick it and the engine sounds like it turns, but the only way I can get it to keep running and get up to full speed is to open the throttle just a little bit after kickstarting, which I know should not be the case. I've been able to ride it around the block without any problems, it's just the starting that I can't seem to get right. I can see that it should be able to run while up on its stand all by itself, and mine certainly doesn't do that.

Petcock is set to ON, key set to START, choke is opened to start from cold engine, engine is set to RUN. However, when set to the X in between OFF and START, the OIL light does not come on, nor do any lights, turn signals included. I do not know if this means that I need a new battery (or if I need to check/refill it?) nor do I know whether this could be my problem. I'm sure I sound like a complete newbie here, but that's probably because I am.

Any thoughts on what my problem might be?

Re: QT50 spins in START but won't turn over...

I THINK what you are asking is why your bike wont idle? Basically you are saying you have to nurse the throttle and if you don't constantly give it a little gas it will die, is that correct? When you aren't giving a bike throttle and it drops down to a base level and maintains those low RPMs thats called the IDLE SPEED.

If this is your question then try adjusting the idle screw.

Its on the carburetor.

Start it up and have someone nurse the throttle to keep her running.

Get a little flat head screw driver and tighten the idle screw like 1/4 turn, wait like.

If you need help finding the idle screw there are manuals here.


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