1980 Motron Medalist parts?

Any good resources for restoration/performance parts for my 1980 Motron Medalist with the 49.6cc engine? I'm the original owner and it has been through 30 years of family use. (finally back in my possession)

Re: 1980 Motron Medalist parts?

1977mopeds.com, treatland.tv and mopedjunkyard.com for parts

you've got the minarelli engine so just search "minarelli" rather than "motron" when looking for engine related parts, the rear wheel and most of the electrics should also be shared with other brand mopeds that had the minarelli engines

some technical resources here:


as for other stuff like seats tanks forks shocks controls cables etc alot of that is really pretty universal between all mopeds with a little work. as long as you're paying attention to what you're doing.

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