Air leak on my new kit?

If there is a air leak on my bike where the pipe meets the cylinder can it make it hard to tune in the carb?

Re: Air leak on my new kit?

I had an air leak where the carb meets the intake and couldn't go WOT after kitting the bike. I used on O-ring and the a socket to tighten the bolt instead of a screw driver to get rid of the leak. Since the O-ring and tighten, I can now go wide open without bogging down. Now I am getting more speed and better acceleration. Air leaks make it hard to get it just right. I am still finding things out and finding more adjustments everyday that are making it better. Fix the air leak.

Re: Air leak on my new kit?

Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

yeah you cant tune with any airleaks, its better to dive in a swimming pool with no water.

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