Need help with my 19mm PHBG carb

Ok so I have a tomos a35 with the 70cc alukit. It's got a tecno bullet pipe, high compression head 21mm intake and a dellorto 19mm PHBG Ds carb. It came with a 4 stroke an 626 atomizer and I change over to au626 2stroke with bushing to go with it. I really can't get this thing to tune in to save my life is there something I need to do about the float? Because I read that 4stroke atomizers are heavyer and I'm just guessing it has a 4 stroke float in it. Had it tuning great yesterday with a 48 idle jet on the very low end can't get to WOT at all. But today it really wasn't running that good with the 48. I went as low as a 40 idle jet and the air mixtur adjustment screw needs to be in all the way what ever idle jet I use. I can't see my set up needing less than a 40.

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