Hobbit PA50ii Alternator/Stator/CDI

I have a PA50ii with the CDI and all that entails.

My wonderful friend ruined one of the coils on the alternator with a screw driver and I don't want to have to buy a brand new CDI kit.

Problem is I don't know what that coil is called or if you can even buy just the individual coil. Any help would be great. I saw a few coils that look sort of similar on treats but none are honda as far as I have seen. Anyone know if you can substitute?

The alternator has 3 coils in it. The one I need to replace is the small one that the blue/yellow wire comes from. Anyone know if anything out there can substitute for this coil? PLEASE help so I don't need to buy a new CDI kit.


Re: Hobbit PA50ii Alternator/Stator/CDI

Michael Elzinga /

anyone know anyone who might give me a lead?

Re: Hobbit PA50ii Alternator/Stator/CDI

Michael Elzinga /

Re: Hobbit PA50ii Alternator/Stator/CDI


if it's your pickup coil, you can buy some wire cheaply and rewind it carefully, solder in new connections.

you can mod that moby one but not easily, not at all. your timing's gonna be a nightmare and you might have to mount it externally and put a separate pickup magnet on the flywheel.

Re: Hobbit PA50ii Alternator/Stator/CDI

I don't think the OEM coils came separately; the entire stator was sold as one unit. It's priced ludicrously high from honda dealers, so the best surefire solution would just buy a new CDI stator from treats, or replace your setup with points. I'm sure someone on the buy/sell forum has one.

It might be a good learning experience to carefully inspect your damaged coil, and see if you can fix it yourself... Exactly how was it ruined? Maybe it just needs rewound; magnet wire is available from radioshack at reasonable prices. Take care to count the number of windings, and rewind with roughly the same number. If it's just a stripped screw or something, then that's even easier to fix.

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