Mobylette was running fine and now wont start

I stopped to take a brake while out on a ride and when I tried to start my Moby again nothing happened. (I had been riding up some pretty steep hills if that is of any importance.) I have some compression, I don't have a gauge so I'm not sure how much, but it's there. I checked the plug and tried to get a spark but again, nothing happened. It's also daytime so I figured it would be hard to see in the light so I took it into my garage with much lower light and tired again and still couldn't see anything. I've been trying to gauge what my plug looks like based off of different photos and plug readings online but it's proven to be impossible.

Could it really be just a bad plug and if so I'd appreciate any ideas as to what could have caused it. Also, if it's low compression etc, where do I even start?



Re: Mobylette was running fine and now wont start

No spark could be the master switch is messing up, try just messing a little with the switch to see if you can get spark back.

If you have the two coil 6/12v genny then it could be the tail light burned out or bad connection. You can try a jumper from the 12v terminal to the back of the genny to see if you can get spark. Or try same with the wire from the master switch disconnected at the gray wire there it goes to the external ignition coil.

If you have the 3 coil genny then just try with the master switch disconnected.

Re: Mobylette was running fine and now wont start

Try turning the headlight off, Mobys are cranky things, no two are alike. They are not famous for their switchgear. Do as rebel says, he has forgotton more about these bikes than I have ever known. Whatever you do, do not give up, as you know from riding it, no moped ever made compares. Try replacing your condensor, very common failure on a Motobecane. Best of luck!

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