New e50 Clutch - Starter wont engage?

Hi all. So I just put in a new 3 shoe clutch with blue springs. It was running, and starter was engaging fine before I did the install.

Removed the 2 shoe and the woodruff key, and installed the 3 shoe. I put everything back together and the starter clutch wont engage anymore. Nothing shifted inside the clutch plate since it was only off for a second. I re-tightened the starter cable, and there is plenty of tension on it. However, it just wont engage and it will slip no matter how much pressure i put on it. I took the clutch plate and the piece that moves doesn't seem stripped or anything. Any ideas on what I could have done to cause this? Any difference in an install of a 3 shoe compared to a 2 shoe i should have done?

Does the 3 shoes require a tighter clutch nut since there's no key?

Re: New e50 Clutch - Starter wont engage?

Probably Fred /

Did you get a kickstart clutch by mistake.

Put your old one back in and try it

Re: New e50 Clutch - Starter wont engage?

So I took off the clutch plate and starter plate. In doing so I tried to put pressure on the plate to engage the clutch by hand and I realized the clutch sits too far on the crank by just a tad. How can I make this sit a little closer to the end of the crank? Opening it up now to see if im missing some shims or something.

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