68 Mobylette revving upon startup

UUUUGGGHHHH! I'm really starting to hate this moped! So the original problem was the throttle sticking... So I tore the throttle assembly apart bought new cables and got that all fixed. Now however when I start it up the damn thing revs up like I was pulling back on the throttle. So I assumed that I had the cable too short. I adjusted that and it seems fine. What could be sticking? Does the metal piece that attaches to the cable that goes down into it have to be a certain way? This seems so simple but it's beyond me and driving me nuts! Thanks for any help.

Re: 68 Mobylette revving upon startup

I Look Like Shit /

idle screw?

Re: 68 Mobylette revving upon startup

Yamabe San /

I thought I checked it but I'll give it another look.

Re: 68 Mobylette revving upon startup

Look inside the carb and make sure the slide goes all the way to the bottom.

There is a keyway in the slide and a key in the carb so if that is not located then it will stay up.

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