1976 Puch Maxi throttle assembly

Alan Jeandell /

I am replacing the throttle assembly on a 1 hp 1976 Puch maxi and wondering what is the best option. I have seen a couple on treats but am wondering what is the difference and whether they will be compatible. Thanks for helping.

Re: 1976 Puch Maxi throttle assembly

mainly just cost and style. Some of the bigger ones are shorter twist, which can be nice, they turn less to open the same, it makes cruising at anything but WOT more difficult but who does that anyway.

some also pull farther - like to open a bigger carb, but this doesnt matter for stock.

The cable pinch ones like the simpler magura ones have a screw that clamps the cable for real easy install and adjustment, the long pull ones usually require a cable knarp on the throttle end which can be more of a pain to install and is typically less reliable. stock replacements are good for using the stock precut cable sets.

Re: 1976 Puch Maxi throttle assembly

I Look Like Shit /

yeah the screw clamp is way better than the knarp one... very easy

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