motobecane hardwiring problem

i followed the last diagram in the wiki to hardwire my moped, i did this to help diagnose the problem of no spark and make sure it wasnt the switch. well i started with head and tail light that would work when the engine was being peddled over to nothing at all, no spark, no lights. i used the ground on the front fork to ground out the head and tail light. Anybody have any idea what might be the problem?

Re: motobecane hardwiring problem

its a 1978 12 volt model

Re: motobecane hardwiring problem

Clean the points with a points file and flush with brake cleaner (NOT sandpaper and carb cleaner). Disconnect the kill switch from the gray wire and make sure you have a good bonding strap between the engine and the frame. Dicsonnect the other two wires from the genny (6 and 12 volt). If it is a two internal coil then just connect the 12v terminal to common and check for spark. Otherwise just check for spark.

No spark then disconnect the condenser and add an external one beside the external coil and wire it directly into the gray wire.

Re: motobecane hardwiring problem

alright, stupid problem, i twisted the two wires from the magneto like the first written description but followed the diagram on the bottom of the wiki page, disconnected the brown wire and back to where i started. So i cleaned the points and they are properly adjusted but still no spark. guess i will have to order that condenser for starters

Re: motobecane hardwiring problem

Get a DR60 from the local car parts place.

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