Puch E50 won't start

Newly rebuilt engine, new fuel lines/filter. I've checked pretty much everything. Carb is clean, fuel inlets clear, jet is clear. We're getting spark/Fuel flow to the float bowl. Plug not fouled, looks clean. It's not the stator since I've had this thing running 2 days ago (post engine rebuild), but it just doesn't want to start now. I bow down to the Moped Army mechanic gods, and lay a freshly sacrificed virgin at your feets..! Lend a brotha' a hand..!!!!

Re: Puch E50 won't start

Before someone asks, I've checked the Float, and the float pin. Both seem to be working as expected.

Re: Puch E50 won't start

whats yer compression at? make sure your spark plug is wet also if youre worried about fuel flow. did you put a kit on it or another stock cylinder?

Re: Puch E50 won't start

I'm not sure how to check the compression. Yes the spark plug is wet, at a nice chocolate color. No, it's a 100% stock Maxi atm.

Re: Puch E50 won't start

First, never rule out stator/timing. It's too easy to check to not look into before really diving in with other stuff. I check my point gap and timing weekly. I know you said you had spark, but takes 5 minutes to verify all is good. If so:

Clogged exhaust?

Flooded Bing?

Idle screw in a good amount? (doesn't have to be but i always like to check and see if it helps get the ball moving)

Air leaks/compression issues?

Any different with choke on/off?

Re: Puch E50 won't start

Overpriced Parts /

Post your complete set up if not stock

Re: Puch E50 won't start

Perhaps you have the stator rotated so it is not firing anywhere near where you need it. It will still spark if your timing is way off just not where you need it. The points should be near 9 o'clock on an e50. I don't even know if you can put it in turned but it is worth looking.

Re: Puch E50 won't start

Try starting it with starting fluid. If it doesn't start, that would eliminate the carb/intake as the problem.

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