Honda ST70 pop from exhaust and wont start

Okay so its been a while since my dax has started. My exhaust corroded at the middle joint so i swapped for an aftermarket one. Now when i kick the bike, a giant bang comes from the exhaust almost as loud as a gun ! Does anyone know why this is ? Have a deadline for this bike to be started tonight for an early morning ride. Thanks guys :)

Re: Honda ST70 pop from exhaust and wont start

SWEET! A DAX! those are fun

these do require some backpressure and will backfire without enough backpressure. its true. but chances are you may have either timing off (probably elctrical but also possibly valve timing, or it could be that your valves are sticking

either way the first and second thing to be checking are timing on the flywheel (or possibly on that bike it's got the timing points on the cam if it's OHC) and also check the valve timing.

Re: Honda ST70 pop from exhaust and wont start

My st does that when cold starting. Every third kick or so it booms. I have a fuel issue due to the janky aftermarket carb I put on it. I'm trying to find a stock air filter then going back to the stock carb. Mine is a 90 they made a st70?

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