Lightened Clutch Shoes Necessary with Tecno Cicuit?

Hi all. I have a new clutch arriving today (e50), just a standard adjustable 3 shoe clutch from treats along with 3 blue springs, and wanted to know if it was necessary for me to lighten the clutch shoes if I am running a Tecno Circuit exhaust? I was reading through the below thread along with the wiki. The wiki talks about lightening the shoes to engage at 5800rpm with the blue springs, but according to the thread I should have it engaging close to 4500rpm.,2924125,2924146#msg-2924146

Is this correct or incorrect? If correct, will lightening the shoes be necessary? If it is, that's fine as I have the equipment to do it, but wanted to save myself the labor if I didn't need to. Set up below.

70cc Treats kit

70cc Hi Comp Head

Rito Crank

Tecno Circuit

15mm bing/ 14mm intake

Metal Hi Flow Filter

Re: Lightened Clutch Shoes Necessary with Tecno Cicuit?

more a performance Q than repair but:

no. those are stiffer springs already and you can tune them but you'll wantto get the feel for what changes it gives as you tighten the springs first. if you feel like it needs to grab later, you can go back and lighten the shoes.

it depends a lot on your gearing too. basic performance practice is gonna be getting it all running and dialed in solid, gearing high for top speed and tuning the clutch to grab later to make up for take-off.

you dont have to do any of that but max it out yea tune it.

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