replacing cylinder studs

So I managed to break the tip off one of the cylinder studs on my A55 while using a torque wrench. It was my first time using a torque wrench and somehow I managed to screw up. Anyway, what's the procedure to remove and replace the stud? Is there a special technique before I attempt anything? Thanks

Re: replacing cylinder studs

Where did it break off? It could possibly be very easy or a headache depending on if there is something sticking out to grab on to. It wouldn't hurt to hit it with some PB blaster while you decide what route you are going to tackle it.

Re: replacing cylinder studs

Fuck torque wrenches. Usually they are meant for higher torque applications. So when your setting the torque wrench to lower setting, its not very reliable.

I just use common sense when tighten nuts and shit.

Vice grips if there is enough to grab on to.

Drilling out the stud if there is nothing to grab on to.

Re: replacing cylinder studs

Yeah I was a little sketched out to use such a large wrench for a small nut. There was about a half inch of the stud that broke off from the top so I'll just use some vice grips I suppose. I initially thought there was a nut and washer holding them in from inside the casing so that's a relief I don't have to take anything apart. Should I put some thread locker on a new stud when I replace it?

Re: replacing cylinder studs

Yes locktite it. Also to put in the new stud (this might work to get it out too) tighten one nut on to another nut so they are tight against each other then you can use a wrench to get the stud in or out.

Re: replacing cylinder studs

Thanks, that technique worked perfectly to get the stud out. Now before I put a new stud in I'm really nervous about potentially stripping the thread inside the casing...should I only apply enough force to until its tight or is there a specified torque needed?

Re: replacing cylinder studs

Yes just use a small wrench and choke up on it so you have a minimal amount of mechanical force. Tighten it as tight as you can all the way choked up on the wrench.

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