steel bushing for Mitsuba starter

I have a Honda express SR with a Mitsiba sm-5 electric starter. Honda said I would need to buy another assembly (which is NLA) because the parts riches doesn't show the bushing. Do I have to hire a machinist or is there another option to repair this starter?

Re: steel bushing for Mitsuba starter

you can measure and buy the bushing, measue inner outer diameters and length, try Mcmaster carr. or replace the starter - search around more anjd you'll find one, they're available. they're shared with the electric start NU50. or omit it entirely and use the kickstart.

Re: steel bushing for Mitsuba starter

Thanks. I measured it but couldn't find a store that sells it.

16 od

11 id

6 width

All in mm . I will check mcmaster.

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