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I'm not to sure if this would go under repair or performance BUT it may lead to needed repairs or replacement lol.

on my '79 vespa grande my odometer and speedometer don't work. Not that they are important. but It would be cool to have a gps setup and I was thinking; my ophone does gps, odometer, and speedometer functions when I go skiing and hiking, why shouldn't it work on my moped? problem: gps functions drain the battery super fast.

so I did some quick reading: 6 volt system or 12 volt system. I believe mine is a 6 volt system. but the output can be unreliable and so to keep the bulbs and stuff from blowing, batteries can be used (even dead ones)

but an iphone is just as expensive as a new moped.

installing a USB port might be fairly easy but then if something goes wrong I might blow my phone up.

insert idea for solution: http://www.goalzero.com/shop/p/133//8:1/

IF I wired this into my moped and mounted this between the handlebars then put an iphone holder on this it would act like an extra buffer.

that would let the iphone be like a mini moped dashboard: odometer, speedometer, map, gps, radio/stereo etc.


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if you opt to run you i phone off the electrical system of the ped. you will definitely need to voltage-regulate the system and rectify it to change ac to dc. a battery would stop any low voltage issues, you would find this would happen when you come to a stop. low voltage is a critical thing with solid state electronics. and you need to find out the operating voltage of the i phone.

make sure you have the polarity and the right voltage with stable voltage. i would say, if you can achieve that, then you would have what your looking to do.

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just charge it at home. this are stoops.

if you gotta do it, run a battery on the bike.

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Gps drains the iphone battery fast. And i would like to go. On long trips with my moped.

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Erik Kovac (NJ) /

Please post here your solution to mounting the iphone to the handlebars because I have been researching all over the internet and it seems like most of the stuff out there will not secure your expensive phone well. This really sucks. Hopefully you found something good.

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