Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

So I have a Malaguti Commuter II in dire need of some repairs. It has a Motobecane Morini MO 2 engine with some kind of Polini kit on it.

Anyways, I'm trying to rebuild this bike with my uncle (who is much more knowledgeable about engines and mopeds).. but we have a few questions, and would be most grateful if anyone could help us.

So the points are very worn down, and one of the coils is pretty burnt, so we're getting less than 6 volts (because we didn't get any spark out of the coil)

So we have:

A.) The points are shorting out

B.) A burn copper coil

C.) Condenser is burnt out

So since it could be anyone of those things, we were thinking that we might as well just replace the whole factory system with an electronic system of 12 Volts. My uncle says this would give me a more powerful and more power for the engine / lights.

Is this possible? Someone point me in the right direction?

The CEV # on the Flywheel is: 101286

The CEV# on the condenser is: R-16

Here's a few images to give you a better feel:

Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

It looks like that might be your lighting coil? The red wire is ignition and if that coil is fine then it should run. Who needs lights anyway??

Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

Darrell Gabbard /

welcome to the Italian world of mopeds. as Dave said the dark colored coil is the light coil and is a 6 v coil the top coil is your mag coil and it should be 12 volts one side is hooked up to the condensor and the other side (green wire) should power the brake circuit and be your ignition ground via the brake switchs. you should be able to take that green wire out of the terminal block and ground it to the frame for testing and getting the ped started.

Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

Darrell Gabbard /

I'm sure you could find a cdi unit that could work and when you do find it, I'm sure a lot of Malaguti riders out there will thank you if you post your findings. Since that fly wheel and stator are close to what a carabela is , i'm positive that there might be a ducati cdi that could bolt up in there.

Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

I'm pretty sure treats has a coil and condenser both in stock that should work...

Might work?

Might work?

Also just keep an eye out for a parts moped.

Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

Daniel Stewart /

Can I ask you how in the HECK you got the flywheel off meaning

1. who has the right puller?

2. That 16mm bolt at the center, reverse thread or not? I cant see a thread ending here; otherwise I wouldn't ask you?

I have this 1980 malaguti commuter and want to swap the points out.



Re: Malaguti Commuter II Electrical Questions

we used a regular 2 or 3 jaw puller on the outside of the flywheel to get it off. I think it is a standard thread flywheel nut

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