78 honda express high idle

my Honda express has a real high idle and idk why the adjustment screw is out as far as it goes out but doesn't changed a thing i cleaned carb real good with a small piece a wire but that didn't change a thing. i checked for any air leaks but didnt find any. any ideas? (edited)

Re: 78 honda express high idle

probably airleaks that you've missed. could also be the throttle cable sticking or being too taught, try looking in the back of the carb and see if pulling the throttle is adequately opening and closing things.

also with the throttle released, look in the back of the carb and screw in and out the idle screw. you should see the slide move up and down with the adjustment, if not moving it's probably stuck or the cable's too taught. (edited)

Re: 78 honda express high idle

I would do the same check on the choke cable. My express idles pretty high when my choke is on then runs perfect with no choke.

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