sachs wiring help

can u hard wire a sachs the same way you hard wire a puch?

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Maybe, but why?

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

short answer: NO

long answer: yes it can be hardwired.

8/10 times it's the tail/brake circuit, some needed a 5w and a 3w tailbulb that if you just stuck in a 10w and 5w bulb. it will not run if the wires are crossed or it will die with the brake.

they wired each different depending on the magneeto model. do it right.

Sachs-505 magneto wiring.jpg

Re: sachs wiring help

whoa wut, yea you can hardwire it.

normally theres no brake circuit - it's just blue to coil, yellow to lights green black and gray can go fuckoff or you can ground em.

then theres sometimes the blueblack wire. ground it

then theres sometime the internal HT coil, and that goes straight out to the plug, those rule cuz then hardwiring is just plugging the yellow wire up to your lights and the other (black?) wire for a kill switch if you want one.

Re: sachs wiring help

i had spark on it yesterday and it was the first time it ran since 2003 and now i can get anything out of it ive never owned a sachs so i dont know much about them so i should just go threw the wires and check the bulbs

Re: sachs wiring help

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Yes every wire of the 5 goes to ground except the blue one. Blue goes to the HT coil. Super easy.

Re: sachs wiring help

then the yellows the light right?

Re: sachs wiring help


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