Tomoa a35 transmission fluid

I recently picked up a 2001 Targa lx and today I went to change the oil. The problem is there isn't a level screw. It looks like the previous owner welded the hole shut (I'm guessing he stripped the screw and for whatever reason didn't replace it). So I figured I could probably just drain the oil and measure that out and that's how much should need to be added. Well I did that and there was less than 2 oz of oil, which I figured had to be way to low. So I searched my ass off, trying to find out the right amount of atf to add, but I can't find a definitive answer. The closest info I could find suggested about 10 ounces... So that's what I added. Can anyone confirm this or help me out?

Re: Tomoa a35 transmission fluid

10w30 300ccm according to the manual. conversion =10.1.... oz

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