1980 Batavus No spark

Im getting positive reading all the way up to my spark plug but there is no visible spark. Do I have the gap too large? And does anyone know how many volts I need to start this up.

Re: 1980 Batavus No spark

Also I do have a slightly different spark plug, it originally came with a l82c to a l86c. Is this difference relevant?

Re: 1980 Batavus No spark

♣Slew Foot♣ /

yep it all matters, firstly check the lighting circuit some are finicky and need 6v 5w bulbs others need the brake circuit in order to start.

the ngk plug i was using was a b6hs for the crappy winter gas, summer i switch to a 7.

Re: 1980 Batavus No spark

Patrick Keaton /

What engine is on that ? I think that year they had 2 engines that could have been on there, depending on what month it was made. How many miles is on it ? Clean the breaker points with an emory board finger nail file. Make sure the breaker points are set. Check the spark plug in a lawn mower to see if the spark plug is good.

Re: 1980 Batavus No spark

I did find some loose connections to the horn and break light but im saving that till tmr but im also getting questionable readings so i think some wire got grounded along the way. The engine is an M56 with 651 miles and to be honest how do I correctly set the breaking points?

Re: 1980 Batavus No spark

Take the cap off the plug. Stick a bolt or screw into the cap in place of the plug and hold it near the head, then crank the engine over. If you get a spark, the plug is no good. If not, it may be the cap or its connection.

Batavus ignition is independent of the lighting, so the condition of bulbs, horn, etc. makes no difference.

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