moby 50V dying w/o choke+pedals

hey all - new to the forum and still a rookie but learning as quickly as i can. after starting easily and running smooth for about 2-3 minutes, my motobecane 50v has been dying repeatedly. it starts up again no problem after the engine quits, but will die after another 200 yards or so. if i catch the engine starting to lose power before it quits completely, i can revive it temporarily by closing the choke all the way and pedaling a little, and get maybe 50 more yards out of it that way before it dies again. cleaned the carb yesterday. blockage somewhere else in the fuel line? what else could it be? this might just be an obvious fix that only a rookie wouldn't know, but i scoured the wiki and didn't find anything that seemed relevant. any help from the collective wisdom of the forums will be greatly appreciated.

Re: moby 50V dying w/o choke+pedals

Simon Nyi /
snyi OP

forgot to add: didn't bother to check the spark - since there's no problem starting it i assume spark is OK.

Re: moby 50V dying w/o choke+pedals

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Clean your carburetor. Once you think it's clean, clean it again. Not just the outside, but everything. Also check fuel flow from the petcock. Once you think the petcock is clean, clean it again. And install a high quality fuel filter.

Re: moby 50V dying w/o choke+pedals

Check the pinhole in the fuel cap is open and not blocked.

Re: moby 50V dying w/o choke+pedals

yep, starving carb

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