loose pedal crank 78 Vespa Grande

Craig Campbell /

died yesterday cruising at 45. nothing siezed and no sounds or warnings. just dies. so installed new plug. when starting would die again right away, even with new plug. then pedal crank let go. felt like something inside broke (but what? its one piece yea?). now crank so loose cant start and chain wont stay on, but can chain coming off keep bike from running once its on? will new bushings tighten crank position?

Re: loose pedal crank 78 Vespa Grande

crank is a 1 piece thru the subframe, really nothing to it.

couple bushings to hold it, prob nothing wrong with it.

what i would be looking at is where the rear wheel bolts to the subframe

if one of those 4 tabs let loose, you'll not keep chains on it.

i have a few pix if you need references.

Re: loose pedal crank 78 Vespa Grande

Craig Campbell /

pictures are always good. but the crank never moved around like this before and the chain cant even grab long enough to start the bike now so i still think i need to address that first...and again once the bikes started, even if the chain does fall off the bike should be able to keep running, no?

Re: loose pedal crank 78 Vespa Grande

pix looking up at the bottom of the sub where the pedal crank goes

you can see one of the spacers.

this shows the rear where the tire bolts up, common to break.

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