kstar base gasket?

i've been wandering just how thick is the stock kstar base gasket material. for the advertised numbers reported in the cylinder kit summary.

being that the base gasket material thickness will move the ex port timing, but leave the blowdown alone.

using a thicker material, i would have a higher revving engine. using a thinner gasket material, a slower revving engine. pretty much leaving the width of the power band alone.

Re: kstar base gasket?

Kalle Bailey /

What I got with my 70cc k-star kit was about 1 mm thick. I used two of them, and cut out the ports. The stock gasket doesnt have big enough ports which will cause you a load of power issues. I recommend finding a better gasket than the stock, however.

Re: kstar base gasket?

thanks, i have bought some material that is .78 mm or 1/32-.031 inch. i wander if anyone has used a timing wheel to make absolute certain, that 1mm is the base gasket thickness to achieve the advertized timing settings. i would like to have the exhaust port timings over a broad range of gasket material sizes. i do know to port the cylinder can achieve a higher speed/rev. but to do that would narrow the power band somewhat, but give you a little more power in that range of the power band. i really don't want to go much more than 22/25 on the blowdown. and that means about 1mm to 2mm rise of the exhaust port. any more gasket material would give me the exhaust port timing to meet the needs of my pipe so it would easily give me 11.5 rpm's. and i'm running a boss. which is a short skinny pipe. but i will find a better pipe soon. i'm looking a a p6 or any other type that run flat along the bottom without a kick up like a simonini. my goal is a transporter having wire folding baskets. i will also put a hitch on back so i can pull a small trailer. so i can pick up car parts like transmissions, so i can get my cars running again.

Re: kstar base gasket?

i`m running a 1mm base gasket on my puch kit. treats sells base gaskets from .5mm-2mm. from what i was told the thicker gasket is for higher rpm and will run like shit at lower rpms??

Re: kstar base gasket?

most high revving engines will need to have there clutches tuned for more slip. to get past the shitty running rev areas. just to get it up to the power band. i worked on a chain saw that had a seized clutch bearing. and wouldn't even run. once i changed the bearing. it ran like it should. that would be the equivalent to having a stock clutch on a race ped.

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