LED Basic Question(s)

So I am looking to install my Treats CDI this weekend on the E50. I pretty much bought the package deal with the magneto, flywheel, and hi rpm coil. I also purchased a 12v regulator.

All the bulbs on my maxi are currently blown or just too old, and I'm looking to invest in some LED's for the headlight and taillight. Just to throw it out there first and foremost, I know hardly anything about bulbs. The wiring I can handle, but the specifics in bulbs and all that might as well be written in Chinese because I don't know what the numbers and letters refer to.

I tried a search, and I see everyone says go to an auto store and grab some 12V LED's and that's it. However, are there other specifics I need to pay attention to? I have the stock headlight cover now, and not sure if there are differences in mounting options and what's easiest. Are the bases/connections different/what should i be paying attention to? any advise would be much appreciated. Even links from superbrightlights of what head and taillight suggestions you have would be great. I really just don't know what to look for besides the voltage. Thanks again!

Re: LED Basic Question(s)

Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

my opinion! leds arent there yet for headlights not enough projected focused foward light more of a spray in front. tail light good though. Use 1/4-1/2 watt resistor per bulb, is cheaper to buy already made . Theres packages out there you just have to dig. bin there

Re: LED Basic Question(s)

Nice, thank you!

Any suggestions for a good type of headlight on a 12v system? I'll go search for it as well. Thanks again.

Re: LED Basic Question(s)

I would agree that LED tail lights are great but I wouldn't recommend LED headlights.

If your system can pump the amps i would mod something like an H1 bulb to fit in your housing.


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