Sachs 504/1a head, possible missing screw?

Hey there,

looked under my bike last night, and there's a hole that looks like it's either missing a screw, or there's supposed to be a hole there, for draining or overflow or something. It's an oily hole.

Done some searching, and the manuals and pictures I've seen aren't showing the right angle for this.

If anyone even just knows what this hole is called (see pic), I can look up the rest. If you know if it's supposed to have a screw in there, or why it would have been removed by a previous owner, even better!

2012-06-06 21.04.00.jpg

Re: Sachs 504/1a head, possible missing screw?

Grey Kingsley /

That's your decompression hole. It's supposed to be there.

It is opened by the decompression valve when you pull the lever that actuates the starting clutch.

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