Tin Can In My Engine?

I was riding my Free Spirit home last night and suddenly it sounded like there was a tin can being crushed over and over again inside of my engine and it became super bogged down and eventually stopped running. Any clue as to what this might be before I drop the engine and open it up?

I guess I should say that it's pretty much stock.

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

i guess i should say its time to buy a kit.


Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

Not a seize. Seizes happen all the sudden not bogging down and stalling.

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

mains, rod, or drive bearings

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

i read it as, he was riding crunching sound bog and stop. there needs to be more descirption here. mainly i was implying that its time to rebuild.

Am i wrong in thinking that when riding hearing a pinging or crunching sound folowed by de acceleration then stopping signifies a seize? please let me know for my own knowladge.

Rip the thing apart and post some pics. (edited)

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

I will rip it apart and post pics but not until tuesday afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

have you ever seized nick? You come to a stop quick.

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

never a hard seize. unfortunatley i never get to keep the bikes i build long. And the treats reed kit on the mag refuses to blow up. Now lets hope i havent jinxed myself.

Re: Tin Can In My Engine?

Better Fส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ster /

Usually seizes sound like a rise in rpm, then eeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt. I would be willing to bet that you either destroyed your small end bushing or the big end bearing.

Do you have compression when you turn it over? A few other things could sound like that... Also, check your flywheel taper. If your timing slipped, that could do it.

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