Ciao Turn Signals

I have a '77 Ciao SC with turn signals. Presently I have no battery to power the turn signals (one is on order). I also have a very nice wiring diagram. It seems as though someone has molested the wiring a bit. Presently in the side compartment I have 3 wires coming in (Red, White, and Black). The Black goes directly to a battery terminal. The red goes to a fuse. I believe the white is supposed to go to the signal flasher/relay. Is the flasher relay supposed to be in the compartment if so mine is gone? The diagram shows a 6v 42w flasher but I see treats has a 6v 21w flasher for sale. Will this work? If anyone has a picture they can post of the battery box connected as it should be that would be of great assistance. i would really like to get these signals working.

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