1980 Vespa Grande

I bought this Grande...having trouble getting it to run, has spark,has gas...is there a specific plug for these? need some suggestions, Thanks.

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Re: 1980 Vespa Grande

filthy jake /

You are the man whom I've heard alot of lately. I'm friends with mike, I'm gonna get the plug tomorrow. Thanks Leo, I appreciate it.

Re: 1980 Vespa Grande


i*m over here in KCMO, Waldo

spark, gas?

bet your main jet is clogged

got an old set of Vespa Grande tires if you need them.


Re: 1980 Vespa Grande

Adjust the points to 0.45 mm, unclog the jet with a thin steel wire and some carb cleaner, make sure you're getting compression (take the spark plug out, put your thumb over the hole, and crank it -- if it pushes your thumb off you're probably good). If it's still not working try spraying some carb cleaner or starting fluid in the spark plug hole.

Re: 1980 Vespa Grande

It's got excellent compression. Cleaned the jet with a guitar string and flushed the fuel line. Float bowl was spotless. Its getting spark, but its orange... Plug not hot enough? Brand new b6 in it, gonna swap with a 7 and get back with ya.

Re: 1980 Vespa Grande

if you've got weak spark you condenser could be shot.

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