Spraying tranny!

Hi hi hi,

So my puch magnum recently seized up but I was able to fix it (thankfully) by using some lube and a rubber mallet. I cleaned the carb and changed my transmission fluid (i only just bought the moped so I wasn't sure how everything was looking inside). NOW, the moped is working again but when I hit higher rpm's transmission fluid starts spraying out the vent on the left side of the engine. Is this simply because I might have filled the transmission fluid too high (I filled it to the top) or is there a bigger issue. There's white smoke like crazy coming off the engine and out the exhaust - which I know comes from burning tranny fluid. Any input would be helpful!! Thanks!

Re: Spraying tranny!

your seals are possibly blown.

Re: Spraying tranny!

Probably Fred /


Only use 12-14 oz max

Re: Spraying tranny!

Timothy Holstad /


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