Minarelli weird sound

So my V1 started making this weird sound. It sounds like there are several bolts rattling around in the engine case kind of. It only happens when its traveling with a person on it and won't make the noise reving on the stand, making it difficult to diagnose. Also only starts happening above 20mph or so but will continue until I come to a stop.

I have new SAE 30 in there.


Re: Minarelli weird sound

funny that just started happening to me too. happens a little less when my chain is tensioned looser. it sounds like a knocking noise happening on each rotation of the drive gear. doesn't interfere with the power transmission at all from what i can tell.

I rode it a few miles today waiting for it to get worse..

I think its something with the pedal gear.. now when i rotate the pedal shaft in reverse it squeaks a tiny bit.

I'm just gonna rebuild mine..right when this moped was starting to be extremely fun to ride. so much for v1's being bulletproof?

found nothing on the forums about it

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Yeah I just dropped my engine last weekend (to look at the wiring) and I think the chain is a bit too tight. I'll try loosening it up a bit, see if it helps at all.

I just wired the stupid fucking brake light out of the ignition system. Fuck that nonsense.


Re: Minarelli weird sound

I'll let you know what I find out too.

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Darrell Gabbard /

yep it sounds like its in the clutch area

Re: Minarelli weird sound

I don't think its a clutch thing. I haven't opened up the case at all yet so nothing has changed in there.

It would seem that it is something on the frame. It sounds as if there are tiny pebbles shooting into my fender at high speeds, they're not obviously. Its a very tinny sound. I loosened up the chain and the sound is not happening as often but still there.

Re: Minarelli weird sound

mine is definitely not a clutch thing. clutch still performs amazingly with ed blue springs. rode the bike 10+ miles with the problem yesterday because i dont give a fuck anymore and besides the sound and possibly a little extra drag it performed as normal.

my problem sounds like it is probably the same as Funke. i ordered new sprockets chain and everything for a rebuild i will let you know what i find.

also should add that my chain tension is not even, it tightens and loosens as the wheel rotates thus trying new sprockets and chain. i feel like it may be related. maybe i already wrote that previously (edited)

Re: Minarelli weird sound

I'm having a similar issue. My V1 is making a rattling sound also, it sounds like bbs in a tin can. It starts to happen at about 30 mph. And the thing is that the sound gets louder as i go faster and then my bike will die. ??

Re: Minarelli weird sound

My moped won't die but yeah it sounds like the same problem. Perhaps you stalling issue is unrelated.

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Yeah, it might not be related. Its definitely weird though. If I figure it out Ill get back. I was searching about this issue a few weeks back. and i read somewhere on ma that it was the result of the aftermarket kit matched with the stock head. And that is how Im rocking it now. Might need to try a new head. not sure

Re: Minarelli weird sound

'stock head on a kit' and 'bb rattling' sounds like detonation, which is something entirely different from what i'm talking about. careful with that bud!!

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Hows the rebuild coming Chief?

Re: Minarelli weird sound

i have a spare v1 in pieces ready to swap out and compare with, and am waiting on bearings/seals/case gasket from ed

this engine is very simple compared to the flatreeds i have been rebuilding so the only thing i am worried about is getting the clutch off. haha

looking at the pedal engagement assembly for the first time it wasn't really apparent what could be going wrong so it'll be interesting to see. def. will share what i find on here. should be getting into it this weekend. taking it on our group ride tonight haha, fuck it..

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Are the bearings really uncommon? Did you try a local bearing store first?

Re: Minarelli weird sound

i work day hours so its too much of a pain to go to local places. vxb is cheap and fast. the bearing sizes are not at all rare no

Re: Minarelli weird sound

I have the same prob with a V1, i think that it's a bearing problem but it has been making the noise for like, a year with no issues soooo who knows... mine is more like a "whrring" sound, not so clanky.

I know that a couple other hnrz have had this prob down at the shop and haven't been too concerned but I dont know that your noise is the same as my noise so dont risk a blown bearing and a shredded crank. those cranks are hard to find.

Re: Minarelli weird sound

I think I found the suspect. Super dumb. I recently replaced my starter cable and left about 8 inches of extra cable down by the level. I think, that is bouncing/vibrating causing the weird sound. I hope. I just thought of it this morning will cut off the extra cable and see if the sound goes away.

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Its got to be my chain. I loosened it, that helped. I lubed it now its almostt non-exististant.

Re: Minarelli weird sound

You should take your chain off and soak it in 30w oil for a few hours. Then you can wipe off the excess with a paper towel and your chain will be super quiet.


Re: Minarelli weird sound

Aron Chaudiere Wrote:


> You should take your chain off and soak it in 30w

> oil for a few hours. Then you can wipe off the

> excess with a paper towel and your chain will be

> super quiet.

> -Aron

blowing my mind will try this

Re: Minarelli weird sound

took my shit apart and didnt find signs of anything terrible, which is good. got my clutch off this time without stripping anything, was careful to get my bolts bottomed out and heated the crank nice and very hot.

but yeah, only signs i see of wear are my drive shaft notch the sprocket fits into was super worn, knew about it already, hopefully its gone with fresh bearings and other such fun

Re: Minarelli weird sound

Yeah I hope that you get that all figured out. Do E50 clutch pullers work on the V1s?

I found out that my problem was that the chain was actually to loose and slapping around and making the sound.

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