Minarelli Inline condenser

Wolf Wizard /

Pictures please? I got a new condenser from treats (solder) and I kind of know what to do, But pictures always help me so, so, so much. Even if you can just draw one in paint that would be cool, I just like having something to look at when I do something for the first time.

Thanks guys~ Nate.

Re: Minarelli Inline condenser

Like “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Yeah because everyone has time to draw you pics of V1 stator plates.

Its easy enough. Just pop the flywheel off. Disconnect the wires on the condenser by melting the solder. Pull out the old condenser, there is a screw holding it in. Tap the new one in, socket wrench and a small hammer will work. Resolder the wires on the condenser. Done.

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