Minarelli Oil Leak?

I have a 1980 AMF Roadmaster with a Minarelli engine. After a ride and the engine is warm, I notice oil bubbling out where the clutch cable actuator enters the engine case. Is this normal?

Re: Minarelli Oil Leak?

Darrell Gabbard /

i wouldnt worry unless theres more than 16 ozs of 20-30 wt ND oil in the tranny case

Re: Minarelli Oil Leak?

David Wolff /

Do you mean as in overfilling? I can't even find a location to fill the case. Looks like I have to take some body parts off to see.

Re: Minarelli Oil Leak?

You have three bolts to know: there's the fill plug (on top of the case, underneath the side skirt), the "level" bolt (big 6? mm hex on the side of the case) and the drain bolt (same bolt, bottom of the case).

My method for filling is to remove all three (top to bottom), drain the oil into a pan, and then run some new ND20/30 through to "flush" some of the old gunk. After it looks fairly clean, replace the bottom bolt, and fill until the oil starts to weep out of the side "level" bolt. Replace that bolt, add a little bit more, and then reinstall the top plug. Should be about right.

My guess is that either your top plug (the one you can't see) is incorrect, and doesn't have a breather hole (common for people to lose this plug) or its the wrong weight oil.

For what it's worth, I'm on my second Roadmaster and my third V1 bike so I've gotten pretty intimate with these things. :D

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