Minarelli V1 issues

I have a Minarelli V1 engine kitted with a 75cc Polini Kit with a 16.16 SHA carb currently jetted at 70. A couple days after kitting the bike, the engine started simply dying at low RPMs. Sometimes the bike will idle as long as I have the idle screw all the way in. But as soon as I brake the chain, the engine will die. At first I thought it was the clutch catching, but when I took the clutch apart everything looked normal.

I have changed the transmission oil to 30 weight non-detergent oil. I'm not sure what was in it before. After kitting my bike and the first time it shut off on me, when I went to check the transmission oil, it spurted out of the case, which means an excessive amount of pressure was built up around the clutch and transmission. The cause of this was due to the fill bolt not being stock and didn't have a hole to allow pressure to escape. I have since fixed that.

Any ideas?

Re: Minarelli V1 issues

I hate carbs but here is my setup. I put the 80cc Polini kit on but kept the 14 mm stock carb (also put on an expansion chamber). I started with the 72 jet which was too rich I jetted down a couple of points at a time and found the 62 was the largest jet that didn't run rich. I wonder if your jet is too rich? I would try turning the screw back out and keep trying jets until you find one that works.

I am interested in your oil problem. My Minarelli bubbles oil out of the case (when hot) where the acctuater cable enters to disengage the clutch for starting. It is not a lot but is this normal?

Re: Minarelli V1 issues

Oh yah, the bike is a 1980 AMF Roadmaster

Re: Minarelli V1 issues

Darrell Gabbard /

well now it seams that just because you kit the engine what else should be done when you have an old ped. how about replacing the crank seals. your getting blow by and losing compression. before getting a kit you should take the time and do it right by tearing down the engine and inspect the bearings for damage and rust and replace the seals.

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