A35 trans 2nd gear

tirrell norflett /

How do I take second gear off the shaft. I removed the bolt and thought It would come right off. And what's a woodruff key?

Re: A35 trans 2nd gear

so what you removed is called a "nut" which is different from a bolt. considering people use nuts & bolts so commonly together, the misunderstanding is forgivable.

Anyhow, with that nut removed you still gotta use and extractor or puller to get the gear off. You might be better off replacing the whole countershaft if you broke some teeth on the gear or something.

The woodruff key is a little metal tab that fits in a slot in the countershaft and matches up with a slot in the gear to keep everything aligned.

manual here:



Re: A35 trans 2nd gear

tirrell norflett /

Yeah sorry I meant nut. And I've already brought I new second gear because teeth were broken off so I rather replace that instead Of the whole assembly (pretty expensive).

Maybe I can put a vise on second gear take the bang the shaft with wood to get the old second gear off the shaft?

Ahhhhhh I have an idea Of what I'm going to do now thanks! (edited)

Re: A35 trans 2nd gear

You can get a small gear puller at most automotive stores or at Harbor Freight tools for 7-10 bucks. It's the safest way to get the gear off without doing any damage to the assembly.

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