1978 minerelie knock

I just fixed a 1978 concord with a minerelie motor, when I max out the throttle I get a loud knock or rapping sound, I hope nothing to major. maybe timing rather then a busted rod. plenty of power and acceleration, I drove three miles or so. any suggestions, I only redid the fly wheel and magneto. I haven't been inside this engine. Thanks fellow mopers.

Re: 1978 minerelie knock

Darrell Gabbard /

is the jet size a 52-54? is it a factory stock jug or kitted??

Re: 1978 minerelie knock

stock everything, when I cleaned the carb I think i saw a 52,no 54, grrr I cant remember. I got to right that stuff down. I also have a columbia commuter. thanks for your time. it really sounds like the muffler choking it. i did have to redo the mag and flywheel, could my timing cause this?

Re: 1978 minerelie knock


Re: 1978 minerelie knock

Have you checked the trans oil? Should have 16-ish ounces of non-detergent 20 or 30w. If it's low, the wrong type, or broken down/old I've had my bikes make some knocking/rumbling noises.

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