'79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

I bought this moped from a guy on craigslist a while ago and have been working on it for about week it has a new carburetor but i've been looking here for help and don't think it's the same as the stock. After a little tweaking and alot of pedaling i was finally able to get it running but it tops out at about 15 MPH and will start to die when i let off the throttle too much and decelerate. I haven't looked at the piston yet but am wondering if anybody else has had a similar problem? i'm trying to get some pictures up soon.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

I have the same problem on almost every moped I ever get, and a few basic things are usually enough to solve the problem.

New carb? It's probably fine, but if you're so inclined, doing small things like setting the float level will probably help. Just general tuning crap. If you didn't get the stock carb (do they still make those? I have no idea) you might want to check and make sure the jet is the right size. I feel like when I bought a new carb for my hobbit I had to buy a clone, and the jet was way off... but I might be remembering wrong. Sounds like you could double check the idle setting, and the stock carbs have a mixture screw as well.

SET THE TIMING. I bet that's 90% of your problem. Check the points, clean them, etc.

I also clean the exhaust and port on broken mopeds. Do the BBQ thing, or I usually use a torch unless its really bad. Decarbonize the port, it's probably pretty bad.

A new spark plug wouldn't hurt, but I don't think it's causing your issues unless it's really bad.

On hobbits, I would check the variator. I doubt it's causing your problems, but can't hurt to make sure it's working right and maybe even tighten the belt. I tightened my variator on my hobbit and I got a few extra MPH

Lasty, I always check the compression and usually end up replacing the rings. If your compression is fine, then you're probably OK, but I could see bad rings causing those symptoms. Can't hurt to replace even with good compression, but if youre compression is good it's not causing your problems.

On hobbits, it's also worth it to check the decompression valve if youre compression is low. Might be stuck open or otherwise broken.

Also, I should point out, this is just a list of all the stuff I do with broken mopeds when they run like crap. On my hobbit, I had similar symptoms to you once because the exhaust was broken. Is your hobbit running kind of loud, like you can hear sharp pops? It should be more like a muffled growl sound. If it's really loud I would check your exhaust or decomp first.

Then, I would set the timing. Either way I would do this, actually.

I would do all of the things on this list, and then see if you're still running slow. All of this should take an afternoon, except the rings if you have to order them. Maybe one trip to autozone or napa for the plug, shouldn't be too hard.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

First things first: are you sure it's II? What color is it?

Secondly: read the Hobbit wiki page!

I'd make sure my fuel tank and line is free of rust/debris too.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

^^^hey, what's up?

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Kelsey C Wrote:


> First things first: are you sure it's II? What

> color is it?

...................and year? The '81 and later CDI/battery/30mph Hobbits came in red too.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

fallout Survivor /

Could be all the above mentioned and also possibly an air leak at any number of places, including the crank shaft seals.

You have to go through each system and test , one by one.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

get pics of the carb. we'll tell you whether it's stock.

Also, tell us the year on the VIN, and whether there's something on it that says "PA50-II" or just "PA-50."

Rules for any hobbit:

1. Clean petcock. Make sure tank is rust-free.

2. Replace fuel line. Add inline filter.

3. Completely disassemble carb and clean RIGOROUSLY. I'm talking poke wires thru holes AND blast with cleaner + compressed air.

4. Replace spark plug.

5. Clean points. (you might have a CDI-hobbit. in that case, ignore this).

6. Check timing (you might have a CDI-hobbit. in that case, ignore this).

7. Replace air filter (for hobbits especially)

8. Check compression. Hobbits don't need a lot, but you should at least be able to pop your thumb off the spark plug hole.

9. Fill with 50:1 premix and start.

If it still only goes 15, then we can worry about air leaks and seals.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

All of these posts are helpful. I would do all the things on Colin McC's list, maybe even in that order.... except, with a new carb, I might move that until the end.

The other thing, and i ONLY bring this up because, as I said before, I literally just had the same problem as you, is I would check the exhaust first. There are a ton of things that could cause your problem, but my exhaust was visibly broken and audibly wrong. It will only take a few seconds to start her up and listen, or just tip down and look. You should be able to see if something's wrong, if the bolts are super loose.... mine was just hanging there doing nothing.

Then, do all the things already mentioned, and report back with your specs when you can! Good luck!

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

Rory Cameron /

it's a 1979.


Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

Rory Cameron /

it's a 1979. i have been reading the wiki page to but i'm new to mopeds so some if its going over my head. i've got it in a buddies motorcycle shop and they've been helping me but they don't really know mopeds either.


Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

OK. First things first... lets go through some easy stuff. Get a new spark plug, and while its off, check your compression. Then, take your gas tank off and clean it out (check the wiki, I think theres an article about cleaning a tank). May as well leave it off, report back when you're done with those 3 things.

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Rory Cameron /

well i haven't had a chance to go work on it yet. but i can tell you i looked in the gas tank to see if it was dirty and it didn't seem to be. i also have checked the compression. the only thing i haven't done yet is change the spark plug, but it gets spark and isn't dirty. but i'll give it a shot.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

Ok, that's great. I am not about to tell you what to do, but I will strongly suggest that you clean the tank just to rule it out. Same with spark plug. What was your compression, or did you just use your thumb?

If you've done those things, the next thing is to clean your petcock and put a filter in the (new) gas line. Then, I would replace the air filter. You can get foam at auto zone or wherever, just make sure it's the same density so it has the same air flow. Let me know when you've done this stuff, and we'll move on from there! Don't give up!

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fallout Survivor /

what compression readings did you get and was it on a hot engine?


look at the wiki on what to do to resurrect a moped... As will suggested,

Besides the spark plug, I would drain the gas, pull the petcock, clean the petcock, install a filter paper element inline fuel filter, drop the engine and clean the carburetor. Check the condition of the air filter element clean or replace as necessary. The carb is very finiky and subject to dirty fuel and it needs a proper stock filter element with the stock carburetor. In the link above there is the manual and other info on these. They can be difficult to get resurrected and tuned up, but once done, are pretty strong running for a stock moped and can be modified to go very fast.

Re: '79 Honda Hobbit PA50 11 Help?

No worries, everyone here started somewhere. Hobbits can be complicated, but look at it like a learning experience. You're a lucky ducky, because a Yellow '79 Hobbit means PA50II. That's a very good start.

First step should be getting the PA50 manual from projectmopedmanual.info. Print this out because you will use it a lot.

Next, read up on The Buddy Hobbit. He talks about the little variator rollers and carb cleaning, which the manual doesn't emphasize enough.

Right now, you should go ahead and go over everything to make sure things are in working order. NEVER TRUST THE PREVIOUS OWNER TO DO EVERYTHING RIGHT!

Oh, and a picture of your carb is important, too. You mentioned that it might not be stock.

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