Minarelli v1 sprocket issue

I was riding the other month and the sprocket came off . I've bought 2 different sprockets and none have fit. It is a stock minarelli v1. I know that minarelli made a 20mph and a 25 mph stock v1 engine. Mine is the 20mph stock and am not sure if that would have anything to do with it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Philip.

Re: Minarelli v1 sprocket issue

There is not really enough info here for an answer but i'll try. What exactly doesn't fit?

I'm assuming you're talkin about the front sprocket so... If you mean tooth count then the V1 case will not take a sprocket over 12t. Stock is 10t. If you mean shaft size then the sprocket must not be for a V1, sachs are similar but bigger.

where are you buying the sprockets from? There are lots of "minarelli sprockets" on ebay but minarelli was and still is a prolific engine company so you cant just buy one and expect it to fit a V1. If you bought from treats then you should email them. take a measurement of the round and flate shaft sizes for them.

Lastly, I've never owned a 1hp V1 but I'm pretty sure that the hp rating is not relevant here. The stock tooth count might be different but the shaft size should be universal. When you do get a sprocket that fits locktite that shit cuz the sprocket flying off is not an uncommon problem.

Re: Minarelli v1 sprocket issue

Darrell Gabbard /

stock sizes for minarellis are 9-12 try and buy the ones with a z code if you can find them.

Re: Minarelli v1 sprocket issue

My chain on my 1980 Minarelli powered AMF Roadmaster (with 80cc Polini kit) broke today while cruising at about 35 mph. I bought a master link but checked the drive sprocket before putting it on. There is a "v" crack between two teeth. I don't know if the chain broke the sprocket or if the sprocket precipitated the chain breaking but now am wondering which way I should go.

Should I order the stock 10 tooth or go up to the maximum of 12? Or will that cause too much stress on everything and I am setting myself up for another failure? Should I go down to a 9 or will that cause more stress and the 12 would be less stress? Not sure which way to go.

With the 10 tooth, there is some slowing on hills and some strain on the engine but nothing too much. I am sure if I gave more throttle there wouldn't be too much effect but I haven't been pushing it on hills while breaking in the new cylinder.

Thoughts anyone? What about the chain, should I be looking at a new one along with the sprockets? It is 32 years old but it only has 300 miles on it (I?ought the bike with 179 miles on it).

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