Did i ruin my engine?

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Kreidler MP-9; General Knowledge Question

Recently, my first gear clutch pads fell off, probably due to heat. While waiting for borrowed clutch tools to come in the mail, I swapped out my bottom end with one I had laying around. However, this alternate bottom end was previously seized up; I got the crank to move by soaking it in PB Blaster as advised. I figured 'eh, let's give it a go and see what happens'. I made new gaskets and put my top end on it. I remounted the alternate MP-19 engine..... and, it was loud as hell. (I also swapped out the magneto because the old one was removed and sold).

As it turned out, the crankshaft bearings were bad; there was some play in the shaft of the crank, which I know is bad. It was also timed incorrectly-- but, no matter where I had the stator plate, it made no difference in performance.

I rode the bike a little here and there, and some this morning to go get a bite to eat (Chicago downtown). It ran very poorly, and stopped running about a mile away from where I live-- just walked it back since the pedal chain is not hooked up.

I took off the top end, and looked at the internals-- not good. Some of the chrome on the inside of the cylinder is gone (worse than before) and the piston is scored pretty bad-- to the point of making the rings stuck so I can't rotate them. Is it salvageable?

Also-- should I look into another, different-branded engine maybe? This shit breaks all the time, or has weird problems... I've spent sooo much money on this thing, some of it due to learning / stupidity, but I'm stuck. Again.

For further thoughts-- I have a kitted Hobbit which doesn't run (needs tires, tubes, points, condenser, H/T coil, lights. Has a plate / sticker) as well as some spare Kreidler stuff. Very little spending $. Any thoughts?

Additionally, I have a spare Kreidler piston-- but it's the wrong size, and the rings are stuck / broken.


Thanks. (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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