Motobecane broke down oil on plug

Hi my 50 v mobylette mostly stock with a 15.15 sha carb bogged down and died when I was ridin the other day. I checked the plug and it has oil on it....I use premix so i'm not sure how this happened. I also took of the carb while trying to diagnose it and their was oil in the air filter. How would what looks like oil only and not my premix get into these places? Also i had checked my plug earlier in the day and it was a nice tan brick color like it should be. Thanks in advance for your help

Re: Motobecane broke down oil on plug

since a 50v has no trans oil, it has to be a mixture or carb problem. leaky float valve maybe

Re: Motobecane broke down oil on plug

Andy Pabstalaniec /

Is it the stock carb? Clean it up, check it for problems. You're running rich.

Re: Motobecane broke down oil on plug

I would suggest to clean the spark plug and give it another ride around and check if there is a goodly healthy spark when cold and when hot. If the ignition is breaking down wneh hot it sill give you a feeble spark and misfiring.

Some petroil in the air cleaner is normal for piston ported motors, the gasoline portion will evaporate leaving behind the oil so an accumulation will happen.

More will build up though if you are using an undersize intake with a larger carb.

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