Small starting issue, would be very grateful for help

I know this websites for mopeds, but my peugeot ludix trend scooter has had some problems lately, its a lovely bike and in the warm in my garage and sometimes in the sun it will start up first time everytime and run really nicely,same goes if i have been on the bike for a certain amount of time and the engines hot it will start lovely. I cannot leave this bike anywhere, because if i leave it outside say school for half the day, it will then not start. I left it outside my house for 2 hours, by the time the engine cooled down it would not start, the kickstart will also only startit now and then. Ive had some people tell me its the automatic choke thats failing, or even the spark plug could be worn? and i wanted to know if that could be the case as theyre not to hard to replace(me knowing not alot about bikes) i have only brought this bike a few weeks ago, and just wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of what to do etc.. thanks

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