Tomos front brake doing... nothing

I have a tomos LX, and I'm having massing problems with the front brake. I've adjusted it to the point where I think it's perfect... it has just a tad of free play, and then as I pull I really feel some resistance so I have to assume the shoes are pushing on the drums. When I try it with the front wheel off the ground, and just spin it by hand, it's able to stop the wheel.

But under load, it literally does nothing. I've tried adjusting and readjusting, I've tried shortening the cable and keeping it almost perfectly straight, I've changed the shoes, I've sanded/scored the shoes and the drum, I think that's everything other than getting new drums.

Has anyone had this problem and found a workable solution? My next step is new drums and shoes, but that's expensive. Don't want to spend the money if there's something else going on!

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Tomos front brake doing... nothing

John Joedicke /

Did you get the right shoes for your ped, tomos has several sizes over the years.

Re: Tomos front brake doing... nothing

I believe I did. I didn't buy tomos brand shoes, but they were the exact same measurements and were supposed to fit my tomos.

they look like they're doing everything right, I can see them working. It's the darndest thing... I keep thinking I must be missing something! For example, I already ruled out the cable being to long or bendy or something, but I feel like there's something like that that I am missing or did wrong. Something where it may look like everything is working but won't let it stop... aahh! but thanks for the reply! any other thoughts?

Re: Tomos front brake doing... nothing

how about this... does anyone know how to refurbish a drum?

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