help me get my moped running

---- Corey B ---- /

1983 trac moped. think it has a Daelim engine. idk how to get it running or where to start. i pull the clutch, which pulls a metal bar on the right up against a metal wheel that belts drive. i pedal to start it and the wheel sparks against the metal bar but nothing happens. doesnt try to start or anything. im guesing there is compresion cause its got pressure when it comes to trying to starting it. but the motor just does nothing. what do i do. should i video me trying to start it for you?

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 10.28.03 PM.png

Re: help me get my moped running

Grey Kingsley /

you should read Fred's Guide.

I don't have a trac, but I'm pretty sure the only spark ever should be in the spark plug.

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