Za50 oil pump drive removal

i need to replace my crank bearings on a za50 crank, particularly on the magneto side , but ive hit a wall on trying to remove the bearing due to the brass oil drive. i dont have a puller, any trick on trying to get it free? i already tried heating it up, but stopped due to fear of damaging he threads. Also, can i run my za50 with out the oil drive? the spare crank i have doesnt have one on it.

Re: Za50 oil pump drive removal

even pressure under that bearing should pull it off. if i remember correctly there is a small retaining or locator pin underneath it.

no you dont need the oil drive so long as you run premixed fuel.

not all za50s came with the oil drive and alot of people choose to abandon it and seal off the case at that point.

Re: Za50 oil pump drive removal

ok i'll give it a go! i jus wanted to make sure before i wail on this thing

Re: Za50 oil pump drive removal

yeah. dont do that (wail). not for the sake of the brass drive thingee but for the sake of keeping your crank true/ balanced

ideally having it pressed/ pulled off with even pressure.

Re: Za50 oil pump drive removal

got it

Re: Za50 oil pump drive removal

bearing puller will work?

Re: Za50 oil pump drive removal

Rent a tool from Autozone... free bearing puller rentals.... you get all your money back when you're done.

You can run them with the brass gear too in non-pumped cases, just have to push your oil seal out a little further which is no problem if your crank is in good condition. TBH, it really doesn't matter. As long as it's sealed up.

Most people just take the drive shaft out and put it back together and leave it. Simplest solution is usually the right one. Make sure you use RTV or a fresh gasket on the oil pump when you re-install it without the shaft.

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