No spark

When i tried starting my 81 vespa ciao for the first time after winter, I had the idle too high, and no brakes on. So it just screamed and ran super hard, pulled the gas line and waited til it died. Now I got no spark. dont know much about the electrical, what did i do?

Re: No spark

Patrick Keaton /

You may have fouled out the spark plug. Clean inside of the spark plug with a piece of solid strand copper wire that you can file or grind down to fit inside the spark plug. First spray carb cleaner or put gas inside the spark plug, then use the wire to clean the spark plug internaly. Then pound the spark plug on your hand to see how black it is. Keep doing this untill there is not any black getting on your hand.

Re: No spark

El Chewy /

After that initial start up, I saw the spark plug was fouled. All black, so I bought a new one. Thought it mighta been the fuel mix, so started a good new mix. But it still didnt run.

Just tried pedaling it with spark plug out to see for spark but nothing.

The front light works and I just got new tail light bulbs.

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