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I have a broken clutch cable on my 1980 Puch Maxi, i tried to put in a cable i got off treatland, but it won't hold the tension when pulling the lever. I also got a screw that is supposed to hold the cable in place, because the original was stripped, but that isn't holding it. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a better screw to hold the cable in, or ideally a lever and cable combo already assembled.


Re: puch maxi clutch lever

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

This should be easy. You have a cable adjuster on the frame, route the cable through it and tighten it up with the bolt and nuts on the cable.

Re: puch maxi clutch lever

Patrick Keaton /

Put the screw that was on there to start with, back on there. You can first put the head of the screw in vice grips, and hack saw a straight slot into the screw, or just use the vice grips as a screwdriver to install the screw. You have to pull the cable tight to get the slack out of the cable, and set the cable tensioner to the lowest position when installing this. If you ordered a two speed cable, and you have a one speed, that might be the problem.

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So the cable won't hold tension because the screw hole in the lever is stripped, so the screw can't clamp down on the cable well enough to hold it in place?

If so, get a knarp. (This one would probably work well, but feel free to look at the rest. A smaller one would look better, but I think those can be hard to use sometimes).

Then run the bare end of the cable through the hole as you normally would, but instead of using the screw to clamp down on the cable, just use the knarp to clamp down on the cable after it goes through the lever. The two main problems with this plan are (a) that it will look funny, and (b) you probably stab yourself in the hand with the cable a lot, since if you trim the end of the cable to much, the knarp won't work properly. (You may also need to trim the cable housing to get enough slack in the cable to make it work with the knarp.)

Or you could just replace the lever (I have no idea how that works though), or do this or this.

(I love it when I find the better solutions after I've typed out two paragraphs explaining the crappier solution.)

Re: puch maxi clutch lever

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Yeah don't get that mini lever. Mine broke in a week.

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