Parts compatability and sourcing question for a Trac Clipper

Okay, I had a busy couple of weeks (in-laws in town), but now I've had some time to get back to my moped and I've got some questions. I'm getting together an order from 1977 mopeds.

1. I'm going to buy this piston, but it doesn't look like it comes with a needle bearing to fit it to the piston pin to the connecting rod, and I don't have any (the engine was incomplete when I got it. According to the manual, the piston should have an OD of 10mm. Will any 10mm needle/small-end bearing work? (Like this one or this one). Any tips on where to find one?

2. Same question regarding spark plug. Manual says thread diameter M14, pitch P1.25. I assume this should work?

3. I think I've got an aftermarket carb on there. The manual mentions an air cleaner, but all my moped has is a little plastic cover with some vents attached to the carb (as pictured). Is that a problem? When cleaning out the carb, I noticed that the choke cable wasn't in it's slot. I stuck it in there, but it looks like the cable is too long (I pull the choke in, but it doesn't pull that thingy over the hole). I imagine this is 'cause it's not the original carb. Any idea how to tighten it?

4. There's no petcock on there either. The tank has two outlets (reserve and main), the main one is attached to a fuel line that's sealed at the other end. The reserve outlet has nothing attached to it. There's a fuel line (which I imagine was connected to that outlet) just dangling, and it's attached directly to the carb. Think I can just re-attach that and call it a day? Are there petcocks that don't need to be mounted to the carb? I've attached a picture of the carb, if that helps any.

5. Are flywheel covers just for looks or do they have a practical value?

6. Do bicycle chain tools work on moped chains, or how do I shorten the chain if needed?


Re: Parts compatability and sourcing question for a Trac Clipper

1. Measure the hole in the connecting rod to get the outer diameter for the wrist pin. It may be 16mm.

2. NGK B6HS is probably what you want (B5HS is the same size, but a hotter plug).

3. Under that plastic cover on the carburetor there should be a metal screen, that is the air filter. Its a slightly different design from the stock one. I'd also flip that plastic cover over so the holes are in the bottom, not the top (to keep water out). Where the cable attaches to the carburetor there should be an adjuster under a little rubber sleeve. That may have enough adjustment to take up the slack in the choke cable. The other option is to find a small knarp and use that.

4. There should be a threaded fitting on the fuel tank, you'll need to measure the diameter and thread pitch. Then you can get a petcock from treats. It'll connect to the outside of the carburetor where the line marked fuel line goes.

5. The flywheel cover mainly keeps water out. The moped will run fine without it until you can locate one.

6. A bicycle chain probably wont fit the big moped chain. In a pinch you can grind a link off with a grinder/dremel/etc.

What is the letter stamped onto that cylinder I sent you? That will tell you what size piston you need.

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