Tomos A3 sproket

Hey guys how do yall take the engine sprocket off i cant do it. Seem like yall are doing it on a easy thanks

Re: Tomos A3 sproket

Patrick Keaton /

Attached is a file of a page from the Tomos A3 workshop manual. This shows a picture of the tools used to do it, and the person in the picture is starting to remove it. The sprocket holder can be made with two pieces of flat metal about 1 inch wide an about 10 inches long. Join the two pieces together at one end by drilling a hole through the ends at the same spot to put a bolt through and tighten together with a nut. Drill holes on the other two ends to put one bolt in each of the two end, and a nut to hold them in place.


Re: Tomos A3 sproket

any one have any other way with regular tools?

Re: Tomos A3 sproket

You can probably use a adjustable face pin spanner. You could probably also make your own chain whip if you have any old chain and a piece of flat bar stock laying around.

Re: Tomos A3 sproket

have none of that i live in a apartment

Re: Tomos A3 sproket

I use a big adjustable wrench to hold the nut, then if you leave the chain on and turn the wheel (rather than trying to turn the wrench), that'll do the trick. I forget which way to spin the wheel, but there's a post on here somewhere that explains it.

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